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Home Foreclosure Response

Diane organized the first public community forum at the Hawthorne Huddle, a broad coalition of community organizations sponsored by the Hawthorne Neighborhood, and General Mills Corporation.

The panel included: Darlynne Benjamin, from U. S. Representative Keith Ellison's office, Senator Linda Higgins, State Senator Jim Davnie, State Representative Joe Mullery, Elizabeth Ryan, Director of Housing Policy and Development for Minneapolis Community Development and Planning, (CPED), Chair of the Foreclosure Prevention Funders Council, Tom Fulton, Director of the Family Housing Fund; Ellen Goldberg Lugger, Executive Director of the General Mills Foundation, and Third Ward City Council Member Diane Hofstede, who organized, and chaired the discussion.

The purpose of the discussion was to focus on the impact that mortgage foreclosures were having on our North side neighborhoods, our City and State, and to combine community resources at all levels in order to begin an aggressive campaign to address the crises. At the forum, the City of Minneapolis unveiled our 5-point strategy to address the mortgage foreclosure crises in our city, and the use of 311 as the first call for help for those in crisis.

The results of this initial forum are dramatic:   All of the member organizations who attended the Hawthorne Forum joined the panel members along with other organizations in committing to actively and effectively deal with the crisis and move swiftly to help those in need. U. S. Representative Keith Ellison and I toured the Hawthorne and McKinley areas to have a discussion with affected community members and to witness the devastation to the neighborhood.

  • Resulted in Congressional hearings in Minneapolis with U.S. House Representatives Keith Ellison, U. S. House Representative Rahm Emanuel (currently chief of Staff to President Barak Obama) and U. S. House Representative Barney Frank ultimately leading to a pilot program to address the crisis.
  • The pilot program is now a national model.
  • Minneapolis has received a total of $70 million from federal, state and local governments and agencies for home rehab and sale to owner-occupants, and other housing development strategies.
  • Four neighborhoods, Hawthorne, McKinley, Sheridan, and Beltrami, in the Third Ward were the initial neighborhoods in the city eligible for funding under these new loan programs.
  • The Neighborhood Stabilization Plan (NSP) was born out of a collaborative team effort between Keith Ellison's staff and Diane Hofstede's staff.